The following are some of the commonly asked questions that we receive. If you have additional questions, please give us a call at 770-751-2660.

Q: Should I pre-register at the hospital?

A: By registering before your delivery we can process all necessary paperwork, including notifying your insurance company. Registration paperwork is available at your doctor’s office. Please remember to bring your insurance card and photo ID with you to the hospital.

Q: Can I tour the facilities?

A: Tours of WellStar North Fulton Hospital’s maternity services centers are offered on a regular basis and we encourage you and your support person to take a tour by your 34th week of pregnancy. To schedule a tour, please call 770-751-2660.

Q: What should I pack for the hospital?

A: It’s important to pack your photo ID, your insurance plan and your hospital paperwork in preparation for delivery. See our checklist for other items to pack.

Q: Will I labor and deliver in the same room?

A: In all WellStar North Fulton maternity rooms, you will experience labor, delivery and recovery in the same room with the exception of C-section (cesarean section). These deliveries or any delivery where surgical care is required, will take place in an operating room.

Q: What kind of birth plans can I have?

A: We respect your right to have alternative birth plans. Many birthing plans can be accommodated in our hospitals. It is always best to review your birth plan in advance with your providers to ensure that can accommodate your request and to give opportunity for discussion.

Q: How many people can I have in the room for delivery?

A: Three people are allowed in the room for vaginal deliveries. For c-section deliveries, only one person will be allowed to accompany you if epidural anesthesia is utilized.

Q: How long do I stay in the recovery room?

A: Your time in recovery will depend on the type of delivery and anesthesia used. Most women stay an average of one to two hours before being moved to a postpartum room.

Q: What type of room is available for my postpartum stay?

A: Single patient rooms are provided in the Mother/Baby unit.

Q: Will there be staff available to help me breastfeed?

A: Yes! We encourage and support your decision to breastfeed. Lactation Consultants are available, and our L&D nurses are wonderful resources as well.

Q: Can my support person stay overnight with me in the hospital?

A: One adult support person may stay with you during your stay.

Q: How soon will my baby and I be discharged?

A: This will vary depending on the medical condition of you and your baby. Sometimes, it may be recommended that the baby stay in the hospital after you have been discharged. Ask your obstetrician regarding specific concerns about your length of stay and health insurance allowances. Be sure you are aware of what your insurance covers to avoid unexpected, out-of-pocket costs. Typical hospital stays for a vaginal birth are 48 hours or less and 96 hours or less following a cesarean birth.

Q: Should I choose a pediatrician before my baby is born?

A: It is strongly recommended that you select a pediatrician for your baby before you deliver. WellStar North Fulton Hospital recommends you begin looking for a pediatrician approximately 27-29 weeks into your pregnancy.

Q: Can children visit?

A: Children can visit only in the patient room and are to be closely supervised by an adult. Visiting children may not stay overnight. Children who have not received their childhood vaccines are encouraged not to visit. Visitation policies are subject to change during flu season.

During Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) season sibling visitation is restricted. The season is published by the CDC each year.

Q: What are visiting hours?

A: It is our goal to give you a memorable experience for the birth of your child. To ensure that we provide you with this experience, we have instituted special visitation policies for the Maternity Unit, established with you in mind. Please review them prior to your birth.

Q: Do you have neonatal specialists available in case my baby needs extra help?

A: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at WellStar North Fulton Hospital is equipped to provide special care for premature or critically ill newborns and newborns with other complications. Newborn care is managed by our neonatologist along with a staff of specially trained and experienced registered nurses and respiratory therapists.

In addition to advanced medical proficiency and advanced technology, the NICU team offers a family-centered approach to neonatal care. Physical interaction and touch between a mother and her baby helps develop a strong bond between the two. By touching your baby, you are communicating your feelings and physically demonstrating your love and affection. Our staff in the NICU meets the parents’ needs for contact with their baby as much as possible. The mother may come to the NICU to touch her baby and to hold its hand as soon as possible, even if the infant is too small to hold.

Fathers and grandparents are welcome and encouraged to help nurture the baby. WellStar North Fulton Hospital’s lactation consultants are available to help mothers provide their infants with breast milk until the little ones are strong enough to nurse. In addition, Kangaroo Care (a bonding opportunity involving skin-to-skin contact between baby and mom or dad) is offered as soon as the baby is stable.

Q: Who does the circumcisions in the hospital?

A: At WellStar North Fulton Hospital it is the OB provider that performs the circumcision. If you have any questions about this procedure, please talk with your OB provider.

Q: What if my pediatrician is out of town?

A: If your baby’s provider is unable to visit him/her in the hospital, an on-call pediatrician will see your baby while you are in the hospital. All pertinent information will be given to you to give to your pediatrician’s office for follow-up after being discharged.

Q: Should I call my OB provider before coming to the hospital?

A: Yes, you should always call your provider before coming to the hospital.

Q: What are my birthing options?

A: We encourage you to review many options and plan what you think works best for you. Our goal is to support your choice safely. Squat bars and pools for water births are available. Also, extra support persons such as a birthing coach or doula are welcome.

Q: Can I have a water birth at WellStar North Fulton Hospital?

A: Yes! WellStar North Fulton Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the Atlanta area that offer water birth. For more information on water birth, click here.

Q: Where can I find a list of midwives/doulas WellStar North Fulton Hospital works with?

A: Many of our Midwives work along side obstetricians in the same practice. Click here to search for an OB practice. Patients can ask their providers for a list of Doulas.

Q: If I am in labor, where should I enter the hospital?

A: Patients should enter through the private Labor and Delivery entrance. You’ll be shown this entrance during a tour of the Maternity unit. Please call 770-751-2660 to schedule a tour.