Pregnancy Glossary

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Birth Plan Checklist

The birth of your baby is one of the most joyous experiences you’ll have, so you’ll want to put some...MORE

Birth Plan Checklist

The birth of your baby is one of the most joyous experiences you’ll have, so you’ll want to put some thought into the details of this life-changing event. Birth plans are an important step in thinking through all the available options. A birth plan is a simple, clear document that helps your medical team and family know your preferences during labor, delivery, and postpartum as well.

It’s encouraged to be open-minded and flexible with your birth plan, as things may not always go as planned. Remember, the most important thing is the health and safety of mom and baby. Below are a few different aspects of the birthing process you’ll want to consider:



I’d like to go into labor naturally.
I’d prefer my water to break on its own.
I’d like to bank my baby’s cord blood
I’d like to remain home as long as possible.
I’d like to wear my own clothing for as long as possible.
I want to be able to get up and walk around.
I don’t want my pubic hair shaved.
I prefer not to have an IV (intravenous catheter) during labor.
I’d like to be able to eat and drink during early labor.
I prefer intermittent instead of continuous fetal monitoring.
I’d like to be allowed to push instinctively.
I’d like to be coached on when to push and for how long.




Doula or birth assistant





Pain management:

I would like to have the following available

for pain management during labor:



Low lighting

Massage therapy

Whirlpool bath or shower






I would like to try:

A birthing stool

A birthing pool/tub


I would like to try the following positions:


Side-lying position


Hands and knees

Whatever feels right


My partner would like to help:

Cut the umbilical cord

Bathe the baby


I would like to:

Avoid a routine episiotomy

Use a mirror to watch my baby being born

Hold the baby immediately after birth

Breast-feed as soon as possible

Not get routine Pitocin® after I deliver the placenta


If a Caesarean section is necessary:

I’d like an epidural

I’d like my partner to stay with me at all times.

I’d like to view the birth.

I’d like my partner to hold the baby as soon as possible after delivery.

I’d like to breast-feed in the recovery room.



I’d like to stay in a private room.

I’d like my baby to stay in the room with me.

I’d like for my partner to stay with me overnight.

I’d like my children to visit me and the baby as soon as possible after the birth.



I plan to breastfeed.

I plan to combine breast and bottle feeding.

I plan to bottle feed.


If my baby is a boy:

I’d like him circumcised at the hospital

I’d like him circumcised later.

I don’t want him circumcised.


I’d like to check out of the hospital:

As soon as possible after delivery

Within 24 hours after delivery

After 48 hours or when it is considered safe for me to leave