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Baby Glossary

Attention new moms and dads! Here’s a list of unfamiliar baby items or terms you’ll need to know. Check back often for updates as new products and trends are created to enhance you and your baby’s life.


Booties: much like socks, these are soft-soled “shoes” for babies to wear. Most will have non-slip grips along the bottom of the foot.


Baby bowls: some parents look for bowls and plates that suction to surfaces. These stick to the table or tray and are more resistant to ending up on the floor.


Baby monitor: this gadget consists of a transmitter and receiver that helps you keep an ear (or eye) on your baby while they’re sleeping. Newer models now have screens that show a visual of your baby on the receiver. Some brands offer additional receivers so you can have them in more than one room.


Baby spoons: rubber-tipped spoons are easier on your baby’s gums and small enough to fit in their mouths.


Bibs: bibs are useful pieces of fabric that secure around the neck of your baby or child to keep their clothes and bodies protected from messes. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and options. For added protection from messes, look for bibs with sleeves, a pocket at the bottom for catching food, or waterproof materials.


Bottle brushes: these handy brushes are used to clean baby bottles. They’re perfect for any nooks and crannies found in shaped bottles, nipples, and various bottle parts.


Bouncy seat: sometimes called a “bouncer,” these seats bounce up and down when a baby moves or kicks. They’re usually at an angle so that your baby’s head is higher than the feet. Bouncy seats create a safe place to put your baby down, and many babies like the motion.


Breast milk bags: these are plastic bags that moms who pump their breast milk can use for milk storage. They’re freezable and can be defrosted easily.


Breast pump: if you’re a mom who needs to pump her breast milk for storage for later use, consider buying a breast pump. These range from a basic hand pump to an electric pump that can pump both breasts simultaneously. Some brands sell breast pumps in a bag that contains a cooler for milk storage. Do some research before buying breast pumps to find a product that best suits your needs and budget.


Bulb syringe: this bulb-shaped syringe is used to suction fluids from your babies nose.


Burp cloth: this is a small towel used to catch spit-up or other baby fluids. Some brands sell packs of these, but you can also use soft wash clothes or hand towels. Spoiler alert: you will likely need a lot of these on hand.


Changing pad or table: this is sometimes a specific piece of furniture dedicated to diaper changes. Some parents opt for a multi-use piece of furniture like a dresser with a flat top that can be used as a changing table and for storage. You can purchase a changing pad to place on top, or even place a towel on the bed or floor for diaper changes.


Highchair: this is a chair made specifically for baby and child. Some brands make freestanding options, while others hook on to a counter or table. Full-size freestanding highchairs often come with removable trays for easy clean up. A portable highchair that connects to a table is easy to move from room to room, or even on-the-go. We recommend a model that is easy to clean, as food will get stuck in every crack and crevice.


Latches for cupboards and drawers: there are several types of latches to secure cupboards and drawers. It’s essential to test these latches by tugging to make sure they can withstand numerous tries from determined toddlers.


Nursing pillow: these are specially designed pillows to make nursing or feeding more comfortable. They keep your baby in an ideal position for feeding and will help you avoid shoulder and neck pain.


Onesies: these are one-piece outfits that often snap or zip between the legs or down the front. The best options zip or snap all the way down the front to the leg. These are much easier for diaper changes.


Outlet covers: another baby proofing product, outlet covers cover exposed outlets from tiny, curious fingers.


Pacifier: pacifiers are soothing to some babies, not others. They come in many shapes but provide something for babies to suck on.


Play mat: this is a soft mat with baby toys that dangle from overhead. Infants who are not yet mobile will enjoy looking and batting at the toys. Some brands offer versions with lights and sounds.


Safety gate: for homes with stairs, safety gates should be placed at the top and bottom to keep mobile babies from ascending or descending stairs unattended. They can also be used to block off areas of the house to make smaller, contained areas.


Sippy cups: these are cups with a lid and spout for easy drinking. They’re often used for children aged 3 to 5, and are less likely to spill when knocked over than a regular cup. Some brands sell cups with handles-perfect for tiny hands.


Swaddling blankets: newborns and infants like to be swaddled or wrapped tightly in a blanket, as it mimics the feeling of being in the womb. Swaddling blankets are made with that purpose in mind. With particular shapes that make folding their arms in easier, some brands offer blankets with Velcro or other fasteners.


Toilet seat locks: Babies can drown in just a few inches of water, so keeping toilets closed is very important. Toilet locks secure the lid and seat of the toilet to the base, so an infant or toddler cannot open the toilet.


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