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Birth Plan: What is Right for Me?

For months, you’ve dreamed (and maybe worried) about what your birth experience will be like. Every pregnancy and birth is different. Because births often involve a lot of unknowns, it’s best to arm yourself with as much information as possible. At WellStar North Fulton Hospital, we encourage our mothers to create birth plans that detail their intentions for their child’s birth.

Here are a few things to consider when creating your birth plan:


Where will you give birth? Most births take place in hospitals. If you choose to deliver at a hospital, schedule a tour of the facilities. You’ll want to find a hospital with a maternity ward that provides prenatal and neonatal care, infant security systems, flexible visitation, and warm, inviting maternity suites.


What’s your ideal labor environment?

  • Do you want a bath or shower available for relaxation?
  • Room to walk around?
  • Music or television available?
  • Do you want a water birth? Be sure to check with the hospital to see if they are prepared to accommodate your request. North Fulton is one of the few hospitals in the Atlanta area that offer water birth.
  • Do you plan on using pain management? North Fulton offers 24 hour anesthesia and pain management coverage.

Who do you want for support? Decide who you want to be present during your labor and delivery.

  • Will your spouse be present throughout labor and delivery? Will they stay with you postpartum?
  • For mothers interested in birth coaches, a doula might be a good fit. Doulas provide emotional support throughout labor and delivery, to help make a mother’s experience more comfortable using body position changes and relaxation techniques.
  • Does your OBGYN have a trusted midwife that you would like to have present at the time of delivery? Midwives have extensive medical knowledge and are able to assist in the delivery of the child.

Do you have any postpartum interests?

  • Some new moms choose to bank or donate their umbilical cord-blood.
  • Decide whether or not circumcision is an option for you.
  • Will you be nursing your baby or using formula? If nursing, find a hospital that provides breastfeeding services to help you and your baby work through any challenges. North Fulton offers a lactation consultant to help work through any issues, problems or questions you may have.

At WellStar North Fulton Hospital, our pledge is to work with you to deliver the birth experience you want as long and the health of mom and baby allow. We provide individualized care and education throughout your stay.

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